Bullets and Borders

by The Poo Poo Platters

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released March 1, 2012



all rights reserved


The Poo Poo Platters Portsmouth, New Hampshire

3 dudes playing sweet music from the seacoast area.

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Track Name: Battle For Life
I started out, on this little place called Pangea, with my g-friend, a little rock called Sophia, we were set for life. One day we felt a little shake, all the ground and mountains started to break, we held on. 'Cause on that fateful day, my Sophia, she drifted away, and I knew what had to be done, 'cause my Sophia was gone. It's a battle for life. I search for her near and away, as I go through the cycle, my emotions change day to day. I will find her.
Track Name: The Best I Could Do
I see pictures of me, hanging on ceilings and out on streets. Wondering what it means. They change time to time, appearing as they do. No one seems to notice them, why do I? And as time goes by, I think about you, and as time goes by, I think what I should do. I know, it's the best I could do. I know, I should have been there for you. But I know, I'll be better next time. I know, I'll be there next time. It's the best I could do. Pictures of you, and pictures of me. Pictures of everything we see, of fighting fights and memories. Losing control, and wedding parties. Losing control of everything we see. Losing control of me.
Track Name: Old Brick House
Spirals seek in and out, as they try to find a way in you. Motionless and observed, people are trying to find out the cause of death in this old brick house. They don't want us to find out. 'Cause at that street in that old brick house. A man dropped dead and no one knows how. And at the end with cunning no less, a man met his fate in that old brick house. The scene grew familiar. As a guy walked by. He seemed to interested, to not be involved. And what I didn't know hurt me in the end.
Track Name: Dayman vs Nightman
Hey there pretty, you caught me look oh so shitty. You got no make up and stupid Coldplay songs, playing on your Ipod. You got the looks of a perfect woman and the mind of a teenage rebel. This situation I have now is starting to confuse me. Don't come back to me if your sugar coating the truth girl. I don't wanna hear your bullshit man, I just wanna love you. I got money in my wallet, prepared to run away with your heart. But I went broke to find out that you just wanna be alone. One year later I'm moving on to better things and better people. And your sticking with your loser friends and you'll never have a sequel. 2/14 is coming around, number two it's time to start this. Never mind man, I'm still lonely and you'll get whoever you want. I don't wanna give today a chance. I just wanna stay in my bed. I don't wanna ever think about you. But you're so much better than me. I'm here. You're here. We're here. But not here.
Track Name: Confused
I am thinking now, about today. The look strewn across your face, and in my eyes. I'm leaving that thought now, to look for better ones. I wish I didn't have it. I keep it adverse. I don't know what you were thinking about, about today. I hope you're okay. I can't help but feeling we may be growing apart I hope it's not true. 'Cause we are suppose to be long gone an far away. And you changed your mind, again and again. I sit here and think about what could have been, instead of tending to you my love. I am laughing now, about today. Everything just seemed so odd, and not okay. I was wondering if you were joking, the look on your face. I was wondering if you were fed up, put me in disgrace.
Track Name: Tweez Me
I am lost out here. For I have been out here for days. I am not forgotten, at least I don't think I am, out here. I watched you walk by me. I wish nobody was around. I sit in my corner. I wish the day went by. I'm for you, nothing to do with you. It's all the same. I sit back, nothing to do with that. I am still lost without you.
Track Name: Martinique and Montserrat (feat. Ryan Curran)
Martinique and Montserrat are in the Eastern Caribbean. They are close to us. Yes close to us. Martinique and Montserrat are near both Americas, in a tropic climate. Yes we know it's a tropic climate. The volcanoes destroy the land. That's why nobody lives there. It's on a transform boundary. That's why nobody lives there. Focused on Martinique, It's between St. Lucia and Dominica. In the Eastern Caribbean, Yes we know it's the Eastern Caribbean. Focused on Monserrat, it's near Guadaloupe. In a tropic climate. Yes we know it's a tropic climate. It was settled by the French and the British. All has to say. The volcanoes destroy the land. Hit it up, Ryan!
Track Name: Kill the Cardinal
I watch food on cartoons as a girl goes through my mind. Knowing anything I could do will never have an impact. The wheels on this car aren't losing air faster than our drama. This phone pole has a point to be here, you just have to think about it. Knowledge isn't really known until someone tells you it's true. If a peach says he's an apple, what the heck would you do? I called my girl, she said "I'm lonely and waiting for you." I caught her in a room with some other dude. This river's flowing to nowhere. Might as well go to bed while singing alibis. We cut off our legs and buried them underground. Just shut up while you can we're reading past the signs. I'd rather be lonely, I'll be someone no one knows. I'll buy all my food with food stamps if I have to. I have no money, no house, no car. And I practically living in my mind, but it doesn't really matter as long as the record is spinning. This placemat on this stupid floor doesn't really need to be here. The glass on the framed picture is starting to fall apart. Everything in my attic is moving to my basement. Lets put this song on replay until the day we die.
Track Name: Save Me
For I have been out here for long. I look back in my mind to see. I'm not alone out here. I seriously hope I'm not. I am OK. I wish you would stay. I can't believe your gone, so what am I here for? The lines deepen on my face. The blackest blacks turn slightly gray. The stress is aging me and I don't really care. You know I don't care about anything else. So can you save me? 'Cause I'm not suppost to be here on my own.
Track Name: The Good Life
I sit back and watch the clock go by. I think about you all the time. Not a second goes by, when I'm not thinking about you. I am lost, but not today. 'Cause today we're falling in love. And today it all goes on. And we are going to conquer it all, until there's nothing left to do. I kept thinking that we will drown. The pool keeps getting bigger so we'll swim around. Nothing today, but what we came for.